How to File a Grievance?

To save money on your property taxes, you have the right, by law, to file a property tax grievance. You do not need to hire a representative to act on your behalf. You can easily discover the procedure by visiting your local assessment office or looking it up online on your assessor’s website.
However, allowing us to file your property tax reduction increases your chances of winning your property tax grievance claim. You would need to fill out and file the paperwork correctly, without any errors, and justify your claim in writing. If you are turned down at the first level, you would need to file a second set of paperwork appealing the decision. This initiates a legal action against the assessment department requiring you to be prepared to appear at a court hearing to defend your claim. At the hearing you will be opposed by the professionals sent by the Assessment Department to defend their assessment. We have skilled and experienced attorneys that will work to make sure you win, if your property tax grievance end up in court.
Some homeowners are quite able to accomplish all this, and have the time to devote to it. Most are not. We would say the same thing about replacing the roof or adding a dormer to the attic.
We simplify the complicated process about with a simple online form. If you choose to file with Tax Correction Agency, use the online application, or just print out an application, fill in the details, sign it and mail it to us.
To download an application click here.