Tax Correction Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q : Can my taxes be raised because I filed a grievance?
    A: No. By law, the assessor cannot raise your assessment because you filed a grievance. Your assessment can only go down or remain the same.
  • Q : Will anyone from the assessor's office come to my house?
    A: No one from the assessor's office or TCA will come to your home.
  • Q : Will I have to attend any hearings?
    A: No. TCA prepares and files all papers and makes all appearances for you.
  • Q : What if I have tax exemptions?
    A: Any reduction will be in addition to any exemptions you already have. Your existing exemptions (including STAR) and future eligibility will be unaffected.
  • Q : I got a reduction some years ago; should I file again?
    A: Yes. Because real estate values have decreased in the past few years, many homeowners who reduced their property taxes in the past are now entitled again.
  • Q : If a large reduction is granted, and a large fee is incurred, will you accept payment arrangements?
    A: Yes we will - and we will not charge any interest!
  • Q : How long does the grievance process take?
    A: The tax grievance process generally takes about a year from beginning to end. However, regardless of when your case is settled, the results will always be retroactive to the beginning of the tax year for which you filed.
  • Q : Can I grieve taxes I have already paid? Will my reduction be retroactive to earlier years?
    A: No. The grievance process only applies to the current tax year and/or future years.
  • Q : Can I file a grievance myself?
    A: Yes. However, homeowners who file for themselves may not get the reduction they deserve. Many are unprepared and don't have the time, experience or tools to deal with the complicated grievance process. We have the experience, data and technology to effectively negotiate your case to the best possible reduction.
  • Q : Is it OK to sign up with more than one tax reduction company?
    A: No. If you sign with more than one company, you will delay your case.
  • Q : My tax grievance from last year is still to be determined. Should I reapply?
    A: Yes. You only have a once a year opportunity to file a grievance. Once a tax year’s deadline passes, there is no recourse to file for that year. Filing a grievance each year ensures that you will not miss an opportunity to lower your taxes.